Application Training

Application training is designed to aid your facility’s healthcare professionals responsible for operating your medical imaging equipment. No matter the level of experience, we can provide customized training to match any level of expertise for your facility.

Our expert radiology sales and engineering team is here to train your staff in all necessary modalities, applications and safety procedures. When your team or a new hire needs additional training, we are here to provide the knowledge needed for your team to be as efficient and effective as possible.

Customer Service Training

RadSource also offers training for your facility’s staff or biomed department on how to service your new or existing medical imaging system. Let us provide your facility with the knowledge you need to keep your system running at its peak performance for years to come.

If you have any questions, click here to contact us, or feel free to give us a call at (816-741-5558). We would love to talk with you about how we can help you meet your facility’s educational needs.

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