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Solutions that make your life easier

RadSource is here to help you plan for, install and remove imaging equipment.

We understand that downtime must be reduced to the absolute minimum, so our procedures are efficient and conveniently planned with your schedule in mind.


Our trained professionals are experienced in the installation of all types of modalities and are here to make your transition quick and easy – without sacrificing the safety of our workers and those working around us.


Our Site Planning Department can visit your site in advance, to make sure that the system you are installing will meet your facility’s specific configuration to avoid any unexpected issues. In most situations, we are able to pre-stage equipment, which avoids many problems that may take place during an installation. However, if an issue does occur, we have the ability to quickly provide the installers the support they may need. Our 70,000 square foot corporate headquarters houses a large selection of new OEM and refurbished parts, allowing our engineers quick access to any parts they may need during an install.





Our field service engineers are trained to dispose of your retired systems properly so that you aren’t spending valuable time dealing with EPA standards or recycling procedures.


Are you looking to sell your used equipment? Let us know and we will give you a free, no-obligation valuation of your used equipment. We firmly believe in recycling, reusing, refurbishing, renewing, and reselling.

Let us provide you with a competitive quote by filling out the form below.

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