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High-Tech meets High Fashion

Bar-Ray’s extensive line of protective aprons comprises of 30 different styles, five protection options and more than 425 colors and patterns suitable for use in a variety of professions and budget ranges. With the unique stretch back design, available on several styles of our aprons, the apron weight is transferred from the shoulders to the waist and hip region to alleviate stress on the neck and back. In addition, our apron products contain features such as elastic belts that provide essential back support for both short-term and lengthy procedures. Shoulder pads offer additional comfort for the wearer during use.

Bar-Ray has been a leader in the radiation protection industry, developing innovative protective apron products. Over the decades, Bar-Ray has focused on creating lighter weight aprons made from the best high quality protective material manufactured exclusively in our own U.S. factory. Our in-house manufacturing operations allow us to control the quality of the workmanship that goes into the production of each product. With a variety of monogram and embroidery options available, Bar-Ray can personalize your apron to your needs.

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