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DR100 - AGFA.jpg

DR 100s

A New Force In Mobile Imaging


Delivering Flexiable Imaging Excellence

With its customer-driven design, amazing usability, and freedom of movement, the DR 100s offers your facility a new force in mobile imaging. Combining a remarkably narrow width and lightweight with a powerful generator and imaging processing, it puts performance and agility at your fingertips.

This system offers the versatility to capture a wide range of studies. Enhanced productivity through excellence in image quality. Easy to install in limited spaces which work perfectly for any facility looking to go DR affordably.

DR 400

Scalable DR Within Your Reach

DR 600

Digital X-Ray & AI Leading The Way In Intelligent Care

Digital solutions can be affordable and still meet the high-quality standards you need. With our floor-mounted DR 400 we offer a complete, scalable DR solution that can grow and develop with your facility.

The high-productivity and innovative features. The speed and intelligence of SmartXR AI. The precision and movement of ZeroForce technologies. They all come together seamlessly in the fully automated DR 600, to deliver a streamlined workflow, increased throughput and enhanced experience for patients and operators alike. Even in the busiest imaging environment.

DR 800_1352177.JPG

DR 800

A Multitool Of Digital Imaging

VALORY - Floor

Meet VALORY— The Gold Standard In Image Processing

DR 800 is not the “remote room” of the past. You can choose to work in the room table-side with the patient or remote! Offering advanced clinical applications including full leg/full spine examinations, digital tomosynthesis and DSA

Streamlined workflow—Auto tracking and auto-centering keeps exams moving quickly and gets patients in and out faster. MUSICA™ workstation provides quicker previews,
reducing the time between exposures.
First-time-right imaging means fewer repeats and faster patient throughput.

VALORY - Ceiling

Maximum Productivity & Exceptional Image Quality

VALORY comes with Dura-line Cesium Iodide detectors that deliver robust reliability, cost-effectiveness, and potential for significant patient dose reduction¹. Removable grids in the wall stand and table bucky enable dose reduction for pediatric examinations.

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