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Financial solutions for excellent patient care

Our flexible medical imaging financial services and purchasing plans give you immediate access to the best new and certified pre-owned, refurbished imaging equipment available.

Financial Consultation

Radsource offers a pair of leasing partners to meet our clients’ financial needs.


DLL is a global financial solutions partner working in 36 countries and nine specialist sectors with equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors delivering integrated solutions for the entire asset life cycle. They also offer mobility solutions, factoring and consumer finance. DLL is a Samsung financial partner that brings many innovative solutions to RadSource.


Stearns Financial Services Inc. (SFSI) is a well-capitalized, independent financial holding company based in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Founded in 1912, Stearns has an established history of delivering quality financial products and services, outstanding customer service and the ability to deliver local decisions with customized finance solutions. Their slogan says it all. They strive to “Get The Job Done” for you.

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