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NeuViz 16 Essence

Elevating routine imaging
for exceptional results

Now there is a solution that simplifies the decision with advanced imaging
capabilities at 16-slice costs.

Neusoft took the ease of use and reliability of its mature NeuViz 16 CT system and combined it with the technical and clinical innovations of the NeuViz 128-slice platform to create the unparalleled NeuViz 16 Essence. With cutting-edge technology and a full complement of advanced applications – at no additional cost – the Essence represents the best value in the 16-slice market.

In the longer term, attention to low dose innovation ensures
that a patient’s radiation dose remains as low as possible to avoid adverse health effects.

Neusoft is continually advancing low-dose imaging technology and has joined other medical imaging manufacturers in the MITA Smart Dose campaign to set dose
standards, putting patients first. In line with this commitment, the NeuViz 16 Essence is in full compliance with MITA Smart Dose (XR 29) standards.

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