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NeuViz 64

The New Standard in Multi-Slice Scanners

1024 Reconstruction Matrix
Exquisite resolution for clinical certainty
1024 matrix reconstruction technology provides the spatial resolution necessary for difficult-to-acquire studies.

Faster scan times for clearer images
By dynamically moving the focal spot axially and longitudinally, sampling density is increased 400%. This allows for improved resolution, reduced artifact, and extended scanning ranges.

The O-Dose Platform
A multi-technology approach to minimizing patient dose
The O-Dose platform modulates mA ensuring the optimum dose is used for the specific anatomical region being imaged depending on patient body and size.

Optimized, Intuitive Workflow
The carefully designed user interface improves workflow and clinician efficiency by guiding the user effortlessly through the examination.

Dose Efficient Detector
A patented manufacturing process reduces afterglow time and maximizes conversion rate. This results in lowering the patient dose with higher diagnostic quality..

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