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RS85 Prestige

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The Real Revolution

WideScreen provides approximately 23% more lateral viewing information compared to normal screen, allowing ultrasonic examination with wider view at a glance.

13.3 inch Tilting Touch Screen
Samsung’s tilting touch screen can be adjusted to accommodate user’s viewing preferences within any scanning environment.

6 way Control Panel
The 6 way adjustable control panel optimizes your work environment to reduce repetitive motions stress. When it’s in off-mode, the control panel returns to the home position, allowing for easier and enhanced mobility.

Touch Customization
A customizable touchscreen interface that allows the user to move frequently used functions to the first page, keeping the focus on the patient instead of the system.

Central Lock
A single pedal controls a central lock mechanism to conveniently secure
the console in place. This results in more efficient movements while the user is performing scanning procedures.

Maneuverable Wheel
4 swivel wheels allow easy steering, and a locking function.

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